The legacy project honeymoon

‘Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.’  Jim Rohn

At the start of every legacy project, you will experience the ‘legacy project honeymoon’. As the name suggests, this is a period of time when everything is wonderful, chance is smiling upon you, and obstacles melt in your way.

If other people are helping you with your legacy project, the legacy project honeymoon is a time when everyone involved will have confidence in the project, and forge ahead. The adrenaline and energy during this time is amazing, and spirits are high. The legacy project advances at lightning speed, and you’re burning the candle at both ends because you are so into what you are doing that you forget to take proper care of yourself.

As things are going beyond expectations in terms of progress, you end up spending far more resources than you had allocated during this time period, thinking that the project will be completed faster than expected and therefore you can forget about your initial plan.

Beware. In the vast majority of cases, the legacy project honeymoon ends loooooong before you are anywhere near the mid-point of the project. Each project is different, and the duration of the legacy project honeymoon can vary vastly. But eventually, the honeymoon does come to an end.

If you want to complete your legacy project, you need to prepare for the end of the honeymoon phase while things are still in full swing. By all means, take advantage of all the motivation, adrenaline, and good will that are part of the legacy project honeymoon. But don’t throw caution to the wind and spend more resources than in your original plan, just because things are advancing fast.

Do also remember to take good care of yourself even while being in the honeymoon phase, so you don’t burn out. Many of the people who so eagerly helped while things are exciting might not stick around for long after the honeymoon phase is over. Be prepared to carry out the rest of the project alone if you must, and pick up good habits that will keep you plodding on right up until the end. It is your legacy project, and regardless how bad things turn out to be after the honeymoon period ends, once you complete your project it will all have been worth it.

The time is now.

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Alexa Ispas

I am a social entrepreneur, blogger, and talent scout, interested in helping people who want to create legacy. I have recently completed my PhD thesis in social psychology at the University of Edinburgh, and am originally from Romania. I am writing a daily blog on creating legacy, which you can find at