Creating legacy through daily action

‘Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.’  Jim Rohn

Creating legacy and daily action

Creating legacy is most likely to happen if you work towards your legacy projects on a daily basis. Even if you have very little time you can devote to creating legacy during your day, working on your legacy projects every day will lead to far more progress than if you work on them in ‘binges’ once in a while.

By doing a little bit of work on your legacy project every day, you are keeping it alive. Doing nothing for long periods of time is the reason why many legacy projects fail.

Creating legacy five minutes at a time

Do at least five minutes work on your legacy project. It’s easy to find an excuse for not doing an hour’s work on something. But what excuse is valid for not doing five minutes’ work on something?

If you do something every day, some days you will do a lot and some days you will do a little, but either way you will be engaging with the legacy project. Doing something every day is the way to ensure that it progresses.

Putting your legacy project first

If you can, work on your legacy project – even for five minutes – before you even look at anything else on your task list each day. As working on legacy projects is challenging, you are more likely to do the required daily work if you do it first thing in the morning, before people and emergencies crowd out the opportunity. 

Identify non-available days in advance

As far as your mind is concerned, failure breeds failure and success breeds success. It is therefore important that if there are days that you know you won’t be able to work on your legacy project (e.g. if you are on holiday in the Bahamas), you identify those days in advance as non-available.

It’s no good getting to the day and then deciding you won’t have any time for your legacy project. Your mind will mark that down as a failure. If you’ve given yourself permission in advance not to work on a particular day, your mind will accept that and not consider it a failure.

What about you?

How do you keep your legacy projects alive? How do you maintain the momentum? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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Alexa Ispas

I am a social entrepreneur, blogger, and talent scout, interested in helping people who want to create legacy. I have recently completed my PhD thesis in social psychology at the University of Edinburgh, and am originally from Romania. I am writing a daily blog on creating legacy, which you can find at